Fury Carry Solutions is a division of Fury Unlimited, LLC  2012
Fury Carry Solutions is a division of Fury Unlimited, LLC.

Q: How long will it take to get my holster?

A: Our current lead time is posted on the Home Page. Your full order will ship when all items are completed.  

Q:  What if I don't see my firearm listed?

A:  We offer a Blue Gun trade program.  You purchase the Rings Blue Gun that matches your firearm and  mail it to our shop.  We then build your holster from that Blue Gun.  You receive the holster free of charge and we keep the Blue Gun.  You only pay the standard shipping fee for your holster. Your lead time starts once the Blue Gun arrives at our shop. *Blue Gun Trade Does not cover specialty colors.*

Q: What if I want a custom color?

A:  We have access to a variety of colors.  In most cases, we can order a custom color for you.  There is a surcharge for these colors contingent upon the amount of material needed to complete your order.  Please email us for a quote. 

Q: Do you offer a law enforcement or military discount?

A:  Because of our competitive pricing strategy, we are not able to offer law enforcement discounts at this time, at least not in the conventional sense.  What we can offer is a rebate based upon your participation in our "Book of Business" program.  We are putting together a book of patches from units and departments of the military, DOE, DOD, federal, and local law enforcement from all over the United States.  We use this book to demonstrate to prospective clients how serious we are in serving our Nation's best and as a type of brag book to show that we are backed by professional operators.  If you can mail us a patch from your department, we will be glad to rebate 10% from your order

Q: What if my firearm has a threaded barrel, suppressor sights, RMR, etc.?

A:  No problem.  Just leave  a note about your specific build, in the comments box,  and we will accommodate for it when we build your holster.

If you have other questions, please email us at
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