I have been looking for a Kydex holster for my Springfield XD40 with a TLR-1 attached for a while. Either I found one that was way too expensive or one that would take months and months to receive. I was extremely happy to find Fury Carry Solutions had exactly what I wanted and got it to me quickly at a good price. Product is top notch and would recommend them to anyone! Awesome holster!
-Nick T.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with the holster I ordered through you.  You made a Glock 21 w/ weapon light in MultiCam for me, and even called to clarify a few options. I'm completely satisfied and have been spreading the word about your holsters. Good luck. I appreciate the great work, and I will be ordering more. Thanks!
-Daniel F.
I ordered a concealed holster for my Kimber Warrior with a weapon light. Fury Carry Solutions delivered in 2 weeks and it was flawless. It had great retention. It was comfortable and very low profile. My 5” government 1911 just disappears at my side. Every bit as good as my Raven but was received four times faster and at a better price. Get ready because I'm sending more business your way!
-Justin D.
I got the holster and mag carrier you built in the mail today.  I'm very happy with the two.  You did an awesome job on them.  I won't hesitate to come to you in the future for any kydex work I need done.  The production and shipping time was very speedy. I appreciate that  a lot  as I did not yet have a holster for this particular pistol. Everything is working out perfectly, and I'm wearing your setup right now.
-Andy J.
I have had my Berreta 92 holster for a few weeks now and I love it. I use it everyday on duty and it is so comfortable and conceals better than any other holster I've used. I am extremely happy with it and I can't wait to order the mag holsters also! Thank you for a great product and quick delivery!
-Aaron L.

I got the holster last week and I am extremely pleased. It is high quality, hugs my body, and is exactly what I was looking for--off duty carry. I will be more than happy to recommend your company to other agents and most likely order a couple more holsters in the future.
-Phil G.

Overall, I'd guess that I've experimented with 8 to 10 Kydex holsters for a few different guns, both with and without  lights attached. After months of comparing holsters and using them in training courses, I'm happy to say that your product is my favorite! One training course in particular was a pretty intense and high speed--and your holster was up to the job! Factors that I've considered when comparing included sturdiness of the belt loops, cant angle of the weapon, retention, size of the sweat guard, price, and etc. I can say with 100% confidence that there will be more Fury holsters added to my collection in the near future. Keep up the good work!

-Jason L.

Finally I'm able to use your holster.....GREAT! Immediately other colleagues liked it....perhaps you'll have new customers in future. I will field test it here in Kosovo and then back in Italy with my investigation teammates.
Thanks a lot for the great job!

-Andrea D.
I returned from vacation and found your holster waiting for me.  It is everything I expected and more.  I am very happy with my holster and will look to purchase more holsters and mag carriers in the future.
-Jared H.
I received your holsters and mag pouch yesterday and all I can say is perfect! The quality of the gear is top notch, the edges are perfect. The quality of the work is the best I have received and I have purchased several holsters of this style. The retention is spot on! No break in needed for me. The draw is smooth and fast. I couldn't be happier.
-Bryan S.
I received the holster yesterday, and have been wearing it since then to get used to it. It is exactly what I was hoping for and expecting when I contacted you. Also, I just want to mention that your communication and dedicated customer service are the best I have ever experienced, in any business. I contacted you, as a new customer, asking a huge favor. You told me exactly what you needed from me in order to fulfill my request, and then you came through even faster than I needed. Then you even contacted me as a follow up to make sure everything was correct. I have a local guy who makes kydex holsters (he just started his business a few months ago, so he is still working out the kinks and design flaws). I had always planned on going to him for my kydex holsters once he prefected his design. Now, because of your quality product, and even more so, your customer service, I will be your customer for any kydex holsters I need, and I will also spread word of mouth to anyone who asks my opinion. Like I always tell people, you only have one chance to make a 1st impression, and you certainly made a great impression. Thanks for a great product, and the best service.
-Kevin L.

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provide our clients with  high quality,
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